Winter Toolkit

The festive season is usually associated with joy, happiness and celebration, but for some it may not always be a positive time.
The shorter days, colder temperatures and the pressures associated with this time of year can negatively impact our wellbeing, and it can be easy to forget to look after ourselves.

This toolkit contains lesson plans and supporting activities to help young people look after their wellbeing, as well as to understand the
importance of self-care and connections with others. The toolkit also includes a resource for building good mental wellbeing, as well as information on seeking further support.



Tips for coping with seasonal affective disorder - YoungMinds: A blog from a young person, sharing their experiences with seasonal
affective disorder and what has helped them.

My self-care plan - Mental Health Foundation: This resource walks young people through a series of steps, helping them to create a detailed self-care plan that works for them.