Patient Participation

National Patient Participation Week - 31 May to 6 June

National Patient Participation Week is held each June with the aim of raising the profile of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) who work with the NHS to support in steering NHS treatment and providing feedback on how to improve services by sharing insightful feedback and lived experiences.

At Bedfordshire Hospitals, maternity services work collaboratively with both the Luton & Dunstable MVP and the Bedford MVP and value the contributions of their service with the aim of improving their services for the families in their care.

A recent initiative to gain active feedback is the Whose Shoes community engagements events which have been organised to gain both staff and service user input for the style design of the new Triage Unit at Bedford Hospital.

Whose Shoes

Whose Shoes events are purposely designed to open up discourse around maternity services, enabling those taking part to share their lived experiences in a safe environment.

In April, members of the Bedfordshire Hospitals maternity team facilitated two Whose Shoes community engagement events on the Bedfordshire Trust hospital sites with attendance and incredibly insightful feedback from front line staff, service users, stakeholders and the Maternity Voices Partnerships (MVPs), including @Bedford Maternity Voices and @Luton and Dunstable Maternity Voices.

The helpful feedback will be considered when shaping their maternity strategy.

If you would like to get in contact with the Patient Experience Midwife, Kelly, to provide feedback, please contact her on 07771 835135.

View the video HERE to take a look at how the events went!